Preliminary Product Listing

Model: P4T-1G1R1R-45-T-SFF-4KW


PMI Model No. P4T-1G1R1R-45-T-SFF-4KW is a Solid-State, Absorptive SP4T Switch that is designed for use in IFF applications.  This switch operates from 1.0 to 1.1GHz and handles peak input power levels up to 4.0 kW peak having a maximum pulse width of 32 us and a duty cycle of 1%.

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Product Feature


Frequency Range 1.0 GHz to 1.1 GHz
RF Input Power

4.0 kW peak

Pulse Width

0.8 us to 32 us

Duty Cycle 1% max.
Insertion Loss 1.0 dB max.
Isolation 45 dB min.
Switching Rate

2 kHz max.

Switching Speed

30 us max. (50% TTL to 10% & 90% RF)

Switch Controls

TTL Logic - Individual Control

"0" = Isolation

"1" = Insertion Loss

DC Supplies

+50 V, 50 mA nominal

+5V, 400 mA nominal

RF Connectors SMA(F)
Size 6.0" Diameter Radial x 0.50" Thick
Sealing Hermetic Sealed RF / Epoxy Sealed Driver
Finish Painted Blue (Mounting Surface Free of Paint)


  1.  Cold switching only or damage will occur.  (Do not hot switch)

  2.  One path to be in insertion loss mode at all times when high power is present.

  3.  Input power rating applies to J1 port.

  4.  Source & load terminations to be better than 1.5:1


Environmental Ratings:

 Temperature:  -45ºC to +85ºC Operating - Base Plate
 -54ºC to +125ºC Non-Operating
 Environmental:  MIL-STD-810E