Preliminary Product Listing

Model No: A-2R7G3R1G-30G-R5N-13P-PN-L

PMI Model No. A-2R7G3R1G-30G-R5N-13P-PN-L is an S-Band Low Noise Amplifier with an integrated input limiter. This unit has 50-Ohm matched input/output impedance, unconditional stability over temperature and all load termination from open to short.  The amplifier requires a single power supply, it is DC voltage regulated internally and reverse polarity protected.

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Product Feature


Typical Specifications:

Frequency Range 2.7 to 3.1 GHz
Gain 29±1 dB (Temp. +10 to +50°C)
Gain Flatness Within Tolerance
Noise Figure 0.6 dB max. @ +25°C
Return Loss In

12 dB min.

Return Loss Out

16 dB min.

Output P1dB +13 dBm min.
Output PSAT +18 dBm max.
Input Overload with and without
DC Power
+5 dBm CW
+30 dBm Peak for 1 uS max.; PRT 1 mS
+20 dBm Peak for 250 uS; PRT 2 mS
DC Power

+12V @ 125 mA nominal

Residual Phase Noise -115 dBc/Hz max. @ 100 Hz Offset
-135 dBc/Hz max. @ 10 kHz Offset
-145 dBc/Hz max. @ 100 kHz Offset
Operating Temperature Range +10°C to +50°C
Extended Operating Temperature +10°C to +85°C (Out of spec)
Storage Temperature Range MTBF -35°C to +90°C, >>500,000 Hours Naval Sheltered
+30 °C (By similarity only - MIL-Handbook-217)
Connectors (In/Out) SMA(F/M) Field Replacable
Finish Painted Blue
(Mounting surface unpainted and gold plated)

Environmental Ratings:


100% up to +10°C
95% up to +35°C

75% up to +70°C

Shock ±30G, 25 mS, Half Sine

5 Hz to 14 Hz±1.25 MM
14 Hz to 23 Hz±0.3 MM

23 Hz to 33 Hz±0.125 MM

Air Pressure 20000 to 120000 Pascals
Sudden air depressurization of 51000 Pascal
is possible