Model: DTA-6380M7440M-60-9BDIFF-SFF


PMI Model No. DTA-6380M7440M-60-9BDIFF-SFF is a 6380 to 7440 MHz Voltage Variable Attenuator with a control interface which allows for nine differential inputs to control the attenuator settings with an LSB of 0.25 dB and a minimum attenuation of 50 dB. 

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Product Feature

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Frequency Range 6380 to 7440 MHz
Frequency Change To be switched at a 20 kHz rate over the frequency range specified above
Insertion Loss

6.5 dB max. - Measured 5.2 dB

Input VSWR 1.5:1 max. - Measured 1.47:1
Power Rating +22 dBm CW min.
Attenuation Range 50 dB min.
LSB 0.25 dB
Attenuation Steps At a given frequency, a commanded increase in attenuation of one LSB shall result in an attenuation increase of 0.25 ±0.2 dB. A commanded decrease of one LSB shall result in an attenuation decrease of 0.25 ±0.2 dB. This shall apply from a commanded attenuation setting of 0 dB up to the maximum attenuation.
Attenuation Flatness

0.1 dB maximum over any 33.125 MHz band within the operating frequency and at any attenuation state.

Power Supply

+5 VDC ±0.5 VDC @ 500 mA max. - Measured @ 148 mA

+15 VDC ±1 VDC @ 150 mA max. - Measured @ 48 mA

-15 VDC ±1 VDC @ 100 mA max. - Measured @ 0 mA

(Reverse voltage protection included, overvoltage protection to 30% of voltage rating included)

Power Dissipation 3 Watts max.
Control & Power Connector

Per Table 1 & Figure 2 of  the product feature

Control Nine differential digital inputs (control 0 through control 8) shall select attenuation settings. Control 0 being logic 1 shall select the maximum attenuation setting. Control 1 through control 8 shall select attenuation values from 0 to the maximum in 0.25 dB steps. For example, with an input of 000000001, the attenuation shall be 0.25 dB. When the control 0 through control 8 inputs are left unconnected, the attenuation level must default to the maximum attenuation condition.
Switching Time The control 0 input shall apply or remove the maximum attenuation setting within 0.8 us. The maximum switching rate of the control 0 input shall be 20 kHz. All other attenuation settings programmed by control 1 through control 8 switch in either direction within 0.8 us to 1 dB of final value.
Control Interface Each of the 8 control inputs shall be differential TTL originating from 26LS31 line drivers IAW the DESC drawing 78023, or equivalent. The control inputs shall enter the assembly via connector J3. The control input line receiver shall be 26LS33 IAW DESC drawing 78020 or equivalent with termination resistors as shown in figure 1.

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature:  -0 ºC to +55 ºC Operating
 -40 ºC to +71 ºC Non-Operating
 Weight:  16 Ounces max.