Model: SAA-218-6-093-013542 OPT. HERM



PMI Model No. SAA-218-6-093-013542 OPT. HERM is a Switchable RF Attenuator for six signal paths operating from 2.0 to 18.0 GHz.  Designed to be switched between a low loss state (2 dB loss typical) and a high loss state (20 dB loss typical).  The settings will be selected by six digital control bits.

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Frequency Range 2.0 to 18.0 GHz
Logic High Voltage, VH 2.0 V min., 3.5 V max. - Measured 2.0 V
Logic Low Voltage, VL 0 V min. 0.8 V max. - Measured 0.8 V
Current at VH 0 mA min., 24 mA max. - Measured 0.21 mA
Current at VL 0 mA min., 24 mA max. - Measured 0.06 mA
Load Capacitance

0 pF min., 35 pF max.

Rise Time 1.0 ns min., 2.0 ns typ., 10.0 ns max. - Measured 7.5ns
Fall Time 1.0 ns min., 2.0 ns typ., 10.0 ns max. - Measured 5.5ns
Response Time

100 ns max.
(50% voltage of input logic signal to 1 dB of final value of RF attenuation) - Measured 33ns

Repetition Rate Support switching from DC to 500 kHz
Insertion Loss "1 = 2 dB Insertion Loss"
"0 = 20 dB Insertion Loss"
Tolerance and Flatness Low Loss: +1 dB, -2dB
(IL of 1 dB to 4 dB)
High Loss: +2 dB, -2 dB
(IL of 18 dB to 22 dB)
VSWR 2.0:1 max.- Measured 1.9:1
Output 1 dB Compression 18 dBm -Measured 23dBm
Isolation 50 dB min. - Measured 63.3dB
Between any of the six outputs with any switch setting
Stability < -70 dBm spurious output signal*
Video Spike Leakage < 500 mV Peak to Peak - Measured 129mV
(Measured with a minimum bandwidth of 200 MHz)
Spectral Activity -70 dBm max. @ 500 kHz switching rate
DC Voltage -5 ±0.1 VDC @ 0.30 A max.
Measured 0.047mA
+5 ±0.1 VDC @ 0.30 A max.                  Measured 0.058mA
AC Ripple 120 mV Peak to Peak max.**
  Input/Output SMA(F) Removable
  Control & Power 9 Pin Micro D Plug (M83513-03A03C)
Size 1.959" max. x 4.000" max. x 0.810" max.
Weight 1.0 lbs max.
Finish Plate & Wire Par - Chemical Film :
Yellow Color Class 3 Per MIL-C-5541

Attenuators - Gold Plated and Hermetically Sealed

*Should be unconditionally stable per the following conditions: A, B, C
  A. With any input or output port terminated in any passive source or load impedance

  B with input power levels ranging from no input to the maximum that is specified on Table 1 of the Product Feature
  C. With any operating temperature specified in Table 1 of the Product Feature
**AC Ripple frequency is 600 kHz typical

Environmental Ratings:

Continuous Operating Temperature: Zone B  -40 ºC to +71.1 ºC - Continuous N/A - MTBF
Zone C  -40 ºC to +71.1 ºC - Continuous N/A - MTBF
Transient Temperature: Zone B  -53.9 ºC to +48.9 ºC
Zone C  TBD
 Storage Temperature: All Zones  -53.9 ºC to 95 ºC
  Surrounding Air Pressure

  Unpressurized Areas,

  Equipment Bays:

All Zones  0.44 PSIA to 15.5 PSIA at 0.6 PSI/SEC
  Non-Gunfiring Vibration
All Zones  See Figure 1 on the Product Feature
  Gunfiring Vibration
All Zones  See Figure 2 on the Product Feature
  Continuous RF Input
  Power (1)
N/A  24 dBm max.
  +5 Volt Power Supply N/A  +6 V max.
  -5 Volt Power Supply N/A  +6 V min.