Detection Log Video Amplifiers and

Extended Range Detection Log Video Amplifiers

(DLVA's and ERDLVA's)

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PMI offers a variety of DLVA's and ERDLVA's covering the DC to 40GHz frequency range.  PMI's DLVA's offer high dynamic range along with excellent temperature stability.  In addition to our standard models, many new models are currently in development.  Please check with us if you need a DLVA or ERDLVA that meets your desired performance specifications.


  • DC to 40GHz Models Available

  • Excellent Frequency Response

  • Excellent Log Linearity

  • TSS up to -68dBm

  • Fast Log Video Response Time

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Small Size


  • Hermetic Sealing

  • Custom Packages

  • Surface Mount or Connectorized

  • Temperature Compensation

  • AC and DC Coupling Available

  • CW Immunity

  • Matched Sets

  • Military or Space Screening

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Theory of DLVA, ERDLVA and SDLVA designs

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

DLVA Products Overview Book (11mb)