Integration of SP8T 20MHz to 3.0GHz Switch with Power Dividers

To Form a Switch Matrix Assembly



PMI has has designed and manufactured various switch matrix assemblies by using PMI standard or custom Solid-State Switches and power dividers all assembled into a single integrated module.  An example of this work is described below.

PMI has designed and produced the following Single Pole, Eight Throw Switch that operates over the 20MHz to 3.0Ghz Frequency Range.  A complete Product Feature along with electrical and mechanical specifications can be seen by clicking on the following image.

Actual test data is presented in the following link.  Please click on the link below to view the test data of PMI Model No. PEC-20M3G-8T-SFGM-LV. 

Click here to view test data.

Based upon various options, both a low band and high band assembly was produced. By utilizing the same switch, but with different power dividers PMI was able to offer a a low band switch matrix covering 20MHz to 500MHz and a high band switch matrix covering 1.0GHz to 3.0GHz.

Please click here to view a photo of the integrated assembly. 

Test data of the high band assembly covering 1.0 to 3.0GHz is shown by clicking on this link.

Other frequency ranges and configurations are available.  Please contact PMI with your specific requirement at