Ultra-Fast, High Power (100W CW), Solid-State, SPDT Switch         

   PMI Model No. PEC-2D35G-100W-SFF-SPDT is a solid-state switch capable of hot switching over 100 Watts of input power.  Most high power switches are not of a solid-state design and do not offer the benefit of fast switching speeds.  PMI has developed a unique design that offers both fast switching speeds as well as the added reliability of solid-state devices. 

This unit is hermetically sealed and is suitable for Military and airborne applications.

Other frequency ranges (up to 40GHz), power levels, and packaging is available.  Please contact us with your specific requirement.

Model Number Frequency Range (GHz)

Insertion Loss


Isolation (dB)

Input Power (Watts, CW)

Switching Speed


Max. VSWR In/Out

Operating Voltages

2.2 - 2.5 1.2 40 100 150 1.5:1

+12 & -28

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