Preliminary Product Listing

Model: SDLVA-618-65-50MV-10DBM


PMI Model No. SDLVA-618-65-50MV-10DBM is a SLDVA that operates from 6.0 to 18.0GHz.

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Product Feature


Frequency Range 6.0 to 18.0GHz
Input Dynamic Range -65 to 0dBm min
Noise Figure 8dB max @ 25°C and 9dB max over temperature
RF Output Power -10dBm ±3dB at -65dBm input signal
RF Small Signal Gain Flatness

+6dB and -3dB relative to the average gain


-70dBm or better varition in TSS <±3dB

over frequency video bandwidth 20MHz

Video Flatness

Measured at -10, -30, -50, -60dBm

5dB P-P max 0 to 14dBm

6dB P-P max -15 to-34dBm

8dB P-P max -35 to -60dBm

Video Polarity Positive

2.0:1 max referenced to 50 OHM

Power Handling

+15dBm no damage

Log Slope

50mV/dB ±mV/dB at any frequency and temperature over the input range (3.25V ±130mV over input range)

Video Response Over Temperature

<±5dB over 0 to 85°C relative to 25°C

Log Linearity <±7mV at any temp or frequency
Video Rise Time

9ns max 10% to 90%

Video Fall time

20ns max 90% to 10%

Video Recovery Time 50ns max to within 1dB of small signal gain for input levels up to 0dBm
Video Settling Time 20ns max to within 1dB of final value
Video Overshoot

1.5dBm max

Video Bandwidth 30MHz min
Video Offset

0mV min to 150mV max, 75mV typ

Video Pulse Width

25ns to CW (DC coupled)

Video Load

100 OHM

1dB Video Compression

0dBm, deviation from straight line between 5 and 15dB below the 1dB point

DC Power

+11.5 to +15.5VDC @ 1000mA max

-11.5 to -15VDC @ 250mA max

DC Voltage Input +20V to -20V without damage

4 ounces

Finish Nickel Plate

Designed for 100,00 hours @ +20°C

Naval sheltered environment (Ns)

Leakage Level -60dBm at 0dBm input and all outputs terminated in 50 OHMs


Environmental Ratings:


-0°C to +85°C Operating

-54°C to +125°C Non-Operating


To 100% relative humidity


15G (6shocks per axis, 11mS duration)

  Vibration: MIL-STD-810, Method 514.5 catergory 5
  Alttitude: Unlimited