Preliminary Product Listing

Model: PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 713-15D

PMI Model No. PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 713-15D is an 8-bit, Digitally Controlled Phase Shifter operating from the 7.0 to 13.0 GHz. frequency range.  This unit has a typical insertion loss of 10 dB and a VSWR of 2.0:1 max. It is supplied with removable SMA (F) connectors in a housing measuring 1.6" x 1.75" x 0.5".

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Product Feature


Frequency 7.0 to 13.0 GHz
Insertion Loss 12.0 dB Max. 10.0 dB Typ
VSWR 2.0:1
Accuracy ±15° Max (Peak to Peak)
PM/AM ±2.5 dB Max
Translation Rate 0 to 500 kHz
Carrier Suppression 18 dB
Side Band Suppression 15 dB
Phase Shift
  Range 360° in 256 Steps
  Control Input 8 Bit TTL
  Switching Speed

50% TTL to within 500ns Max
(10° of Final Phase Value)

  Harmonics -25 dBc
Power Handling Capability
  Without Degradation +10 dBm
  Survival Power +20 dBm
Power Supply

+5 VDC (±5%) @ 115 mA

-12 to -15V DC @ 20 mA

  Input/Output SMA (F)
  Power & Control 15 Pin Micro-D

1.6" x 1.75" x 0.5"

*Excluding Mounting Holes & Connector

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature -55 °C to 85 °C Operating
-65 °C to 125 °C Storage

MIL-STD-202G, Method 103B Cond B (96 Hrs at 95%)


MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B Cond B (75 G, 6Msec)


MIL-STD-202G, Method 204D Cond B

(0.06" Double Amplitude or 15G, Whichever is less)


MIL-STD-202G, Method 105C Cond B (50,000 Ft)

Temperature Cycle MIL-STD-202G, Method 107D Cond A