Preliminary Product Listing

Model: P2T-2D4G2D5G-30-R-TFF-50W


PMI Model No. P2T-2D4G2D5G-30-R-TFF-50W is a single pole, two throw reflective switch designed to operate over the 2.4 to 2.5GHz frequency range.  This model is designed to handle 50 Watts CW input power and offers fast switching speeds of <250ns.

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Product Feature



Frequency 2.4 to 2.5GHz
Operating Input Power 50 Watts CW max *See Notes
Insertion Loss 1.0dB max
Isolation 25dB min, 30dB typ

1.5:1 max

Switching Speed

250ns typ (50% TTL to 10% - 90% RF)

Switching Rate

2KHz max

Cold Switching


Power Supply +50V @ 20mA nominal
+5V @ 125mA nominal
Control TTL
Finish Painted Blue
*Mounting surface free of paint
Connectors TNC Female (J1,J2, J3)
J4 Connections 9-Pin Micro D(DC/Control)
Mating Connector Supplied

1. Cold Switching
2. High Power Input to J1 Only
3. Output Load To Be Well Matched To 50 OHMS
4. One Switch Path To Be In " Low Loss" Mode At All Times When High Power Is Present

Environmental Ratings:

Temperature:  -55 to +85 ºC Operating
 -65ºC to +125 ºC Non-Operating
 Environmental:  MIL-STD-810E