The following listing contains various combline and interdigital filters that PMI has manufactured and produced for many different customers.  This is just a small list which demonstrates our filter design capabilities.

If you do not see exactly what you need, please e-mail your requirement to so we can propose an instant solution.

Part NumberStatusCenter FrequencyInsertion LossBandwidth
BP19D5G-3G-CD-SFFActive18000 MHz
BP8G-6G-CD-SFFActive10.75 GHz
BP15G-6G-CD-SFFActive14000 MHz
2.5 dB typ.
2.5 dB typ.
1.0 dB max.
2.5 dB max.
1.2 dB max.
1.0 dB max.
BPF-415M-130M-SFFPreliminary415 MHz1.5 dB max.
BPF-11-14-SFFPreliminary11.0 GHz1.5 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.14.5 GHz
BPF-2R716G-125M-PINPreliminary2.716 GHz
BPF-3R5G-1R6G-SFFPreliminary3.5 GHz1.0 dB typ., 1.5 dB max.
BPF-484R5M-10M-PINPreliminary0.4845 GHz
BPF-4R8G-1R6G-SFFPreliminary4.8 GHz1.0 dB typ., 1.5 dB max.
BPF-3R275G-250M-PINPreliminary3.275 GHz
BPF-3R2G-125M-PINPreliminary3.2 GHz
BPF-35G-10G-292FFPreliminary35.0 GHz1.5 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.10.0 GHz
BPF-3R55G-100M-SFFPreliminary3.55 GHz1.0 dB typ., 1.2 dB max.100 MHz
BP-9R765G-416-0R5G-SFFPreliminary9.765 GHz
416 MHz
BP-9R765G-416-2G-SFFPreliminary9.765 GHz
416 MHz
BP-9R765G-400-2G-SFFPreliminary9.765 GHz
400 MHz
10CL1355-47-CD-PINPreliminary1355 MHz5 dB max.
10CL1380-60-CD-SFFActive1380MHz Nominal5.0 dB max. - Measured 4.53 dB
10CL14600-3200-CD-SFFActive14600 MHz1.5:13200 Mhz
10CL16600-3200-CD-SFFActive16600 MHz1 dB3200 MHz
10CL16D5-1500-CD-PPPreliminary16500 MHz3 dB1500 MHz
10CL16D5G-3D7G-CD-SFFPreliminary16500 MHz1 dB3700 MHz
10CL16D5G-3G-CD-SFFPreliminary16500 MHz1 dB3000 MHz
10CL5175-2200-CD-SFFPreliminary5175 MHz1 dB2200 MHz
11CL13G-3G-CD-SFFPreliminary13000 MHz1 dB3000 MHz
11CL19G-4G-CD-SFFPreliminary19000 Mhz1 dB4000 MHz
11CL-4D7G-540-CD-SFFActive4.7 GHz
540 MHz
11CL5D3G-1200-CD-SFFPreliminary5300 MHz1 dB
12CL11D5G-1500-CD-PPPreliminary11500 MHz2 dB1500 MHz
12CL11G-4G-CD-SFFPreliminary11000 MHz1 dB4000 MHz
12CL13600-600-CD-SFMActive13600 MHz1 dB600 MHz
12CL14900-600-CD-SFMActive14900 MHz1 dB600 MHz
12CL15200-1000-CD-SFMActive15200 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
12CL16500-1000-CD-SFMActive16500 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
12CL1D5G-400-CD-SFFPreliminary1500 MHz0.75 dB400 MHz
12CL7750-1100-CD-SFMActive7750 MHz - Measured 7748 MHz2.0 dB max. - Measured 1.4 dB1100 MHz - Measured 1120 MHz
12CL9050-1100-CD-SFMActive9050 MHz1 dB1100 MHz
13CL13G-6G-CD-SFFPreliminary13000 MHz0.7 dB max.6.0 GHz (10.0 to 16.0 GHz)
13CL2880-600-CD-SFFPreliminary2880 MHz2.0 dB max.
15CL2R3G-200M-CD-SFFPreliminary2300 MHz1 dB200 MHz
15CL32G-16G-292FFActive24000 to 40000 MHz3 dB max. - Measured 2.48 dBDC to 50.0 GHz
3CL322R5-16-CD-PINPreliminary322.5 MHz3.5 dB max.
4CL10G-4G-CD-SFFActive10000 MHz1.0 dB - Measured -0.58 dB4000 MHz
4CL3G-2G-CD-SFFActive3000 MHz1 dB2000 MHz
4CL64R5-3-CD-PINPreliminary64.512 MHz2.5 dB max.
4CL64R5-3-CD-PIN-3dBILPreliminary64.512 MHz3.0 dB max.
4CL6G-4G-CD-SFFPreliminary6000 MHz1 dB4000 MHz
5CL11G-1G-CD-SFFPreliminary11000 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
5CL12G-1G-CD-SFFActive12000 MHz1.5dB1000 MHz
5CL1375-100-CD-SFFActive1375 MHz1 dB60 MHz
5CL18G-4G-CD-SFFPreliminary18000 Mhz0.75 dB4000 MHz
5CL21G23G-CD-SFFPreliminary21000 to 23000 MHz1.5 dB
5CL2630-263-CD-SFMPreliminary2630 MHz0.5 dB263 MHz
5CL26G28G-CD-SFFPreliminary26000 to 28000 MHz1.5 dB
5CL2D98G-500-CD-SFFPreliminary2980 MHz0.5 dB500 MHz
5CL3000-300-CD-SFMPreliminary3000 MHz0.5 dB300 MHz
5CL3G-125-CD-SFMPreliminary3000 MHz0.5 dB125 MHz
5CL5086-100-CD-SSPreliminary5086 MHz1.8 dB100 MHz
5CL5625-100-CD-SSPreliminary5625 MHz1.8 dB100 MHz
5CL5G-100-CD-SFFActive5000 MHz4.2 dB100 MHz
5CL5G-2G-CD-SFFPreliminary5000 MHz<1.0 dB max. - Measured -0.70 dB2000 MHz
5CL5G-75-CD-SFFPreliminary5000 MHz4.2 dB75 MHz
5CL6D8G-100-CD-SMMPreliminary6800 MHz0.4 dB100 MHz
5CL6D8G-200-CD-SMMPreliminary6800 MHz0.4 dB200 MHz
5CL720-20-CD-SFF-GDOPreliminary720 MHz
20 MHz
5CL7G-700-CD-SFMPreliminary7000 MHz1.5 dB700 MHz
5CL8G-400-CD-SFF-GDOActive8000 MHz1.75 dB1200 MHz
5CL9G-1G-CD-SFFPreliminary9000 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
6CL10G-1G-CD-SFFActive10000 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
6CL13000-2400-CD-SFFActive13000 MHz1 dB2400 MHz
6CL1500-484-CD-SFFPreliminary1500 MHz0.3 dB484 MHz
6CL15D06G-600-CD-SFFActive15060 MHz1.5 dB600 MHz
6CL16D3G-600-CD-SFFPreliminary16300 MHz1.5 dB600 MHz
6CL17D4G-600-CD-SFFActive17400 MHz1.5 dB600 MHz
6CL403-32-CD-PINPreliminary403 MHz3.5 dB max.
6CL516-26-CD-PINPreliminary516 MHz3.5 dB max.
6CL532-35-CD-PINPreliminary532 MHz3.5 dB max.
6CL580-29-CD-PINPreliminary580 MHz3.5 dB max.
6CL6D15G-300-CD-SFFPreliminary6150 MHz0.4 dB300 Mhz
6CL6D5G-3G-CD-SFFPreliminary6500 MHz1 dB3000 MHz
6CL6D60G-300-CD-SFFPreliminary6600 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
6CL9227D5M-180-CD-PINPreliminary9227.5MHz1.0dB typical180MHz typical
7CL10R15-700-CD-SFMPreliminary10150 MHz1 dB700 MHz
7CL11D8G-360-CD-SFFPreliminary11800 MHz4 dB360 MHz
7CL12400-600-CD-SFMActive12400 MHz1 dB600 MHz
7CL13700-600-CD-SFMActive13700 MHz1 dB600 MHz
7CL1450-160-CD-SFFPreliminary14500 MHz0.5 dB160 MHz
7CL1R3-100-CD-SFMActive1300 MHz1.0 dB P-P max.100 MHz @ 1dB
7CL4D1G-2G-CD-SFMPreliminary4100 MHz4 dB2000 MHz
7CL5125-1490-CD-SFFActive5125 MHz1 dB1490 MHz
7CL5390-100-CD-SFFActive5390 MHz2.05 dB100 MHz
7CL5710-100-CD-SFFActive5700 MHz2.1 dB100 MHz
7CL6030-100-CD-SFFActive6030 MHz2.15 dB100 MHz
7CL64R5-32-CD-PINPreliminary64.512 MHz1.5 dB max.
7CL80R6-32-CD-PINPreliminary80.64 MHz2.0 dB max.
7CL8150-700-CD-SFMActive8150 MHz - Measured 8157 MHz2.0 dB - Measured 1.45 dB700 MHz - Measured 720 MHz
7CL8800-800-CD-SFFActive8800 MHz1 dB800 MHz
8CL10D75G-6D5G-CD-SFFPreliminary10750 MHz2 dB6500 MHz
8CL11400-3200-CD-SFFActive11400 MHz1 dB3200 MHz
8CL14D6G-2D4G-CD-SFFActive14600 MHz1.5dB max.2400MHz
8CL14D6G-3D5G-CD-SFFPreliminary14600 MHz1.5 dB3500 MHz
8CL16D5G-7G-CD-SFFPreliminary16500 MHz1.5 dB - Measured 0.78 dB7000 MHz
8CL16D8G-1D4G-CD-SFFPreliminary16800 MHz3 dB16.0 to 17.5 GHz @ 1 dB
8CL16D9-2D2G-CD-SFFPreliminary16900 MHz1.5 dB2200 MHz
8CL1780-140-CD-SFFActive1780 MHz1 dB140 MHz
8CL1800-100-CD-SFFPreliminary1800 MHz1.5 dB100 MHz
8CL1D2G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary1200 MHz
200 MHz
8CL1D5G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary1500 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL1D6G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary1600 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL3D55G-300-CD-SFFActive3550 MHz1.5 dB - Measured 0.8 dB300 MHz - Measured 300 MHz
8CL4D1G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary4100 MHz0.7 dB2000 MHz
8CL4D5G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary4500 MHz0.7 dB200 MHz
8CL4D7G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary4700 MHz0.7 dB200 MHz
8CL4D9G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary4900 MHz0.7 dB200 MHz
8CL4D9G-270-CD-SFFActive4900 MHz3 dB270 MHz
8CL5850-500-CD-SFMActive5850 MHz1 dB500 MHz
8CL5D5G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary5500 MHz0.7 dB200 MHz
8CL5D7G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary5700 MHz7 dB200 MHz
8CL6D1G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary6100 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL6D3G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary6300 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL6D5G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary6500 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL6D7G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary6700 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL6D9G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary6900 MHz2 dB200 MHz
8CL6G-4G-CD-SFFPreliminary6000 MHz3 dB4000 MHz
8CL7150-500-CD-SFMActive7150 MHz1 dB500 MHz
8CL8D5G-800-CD-SFFPreliminary8500 MHz1.5 dB800 MHz
8CL8G-800-CD-SFFPreliminary8000 MHz1 dB1000 MHz
8CL8R85-700-CD-SFMPreliminary8850 MHz1 dB700 MHz
9CL12R3G-CD-SFMPreliminary12300 MHz4 dB600 MHz
9CL16D5G-600-CD-SFMPreliminary16500 MHz0.4 dB600 MHz
9CL16D9-3G-CD-SFFPreliminary16900 MHz1.5 dB3000 MHz
9CL1D8G-180-CD-SFFPreliminary1800 MHz4 dB180 MHz
9CL1D8G-200-CD-SFFActive2000 MHz4 dB180 Mhz
9CL24D5G-1G-CD-SFFPreliminary24500 MHz2 dB1.0 GHz, (24.0 to 25.0 GHz)
9CL255-39-CD-SSPreliminary255 MHz0.5dB
9CL3130-340-CD-SFFPreliminary3130 MHz1.5 dB
9CL7050-1100-CD-SFFActive7050 MHz1 dB1100 MHz
BP1095-270-SMAPreliminary1095 MHz1.5 dB P-P max.270 MHz
BP-10G-14G-CD-SFFPreliminary10000 to 14000 MHz2.0 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.
BP-10G18G-CD-SFFPreliminary10000 to 18000 MHz2.0 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.
BP-15G17G-CD-SFFPreliminary15000 to 17000 MHz2.0 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.
BP-18G22G-CD-SFFPreliminary18000 to 22000 MHz2.0 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.
BP33G-14G-292FFPreliminary33,000 MHz1.8 dB typ., 2.5 dB max.14,000 MHz
BPID-9G-1G-SSPreliminary9000 MHz0.5 d1000 MHz
CL10D30-300-CD-SFFPreliminary10300 MHz0.4 dB300 Mhz
CL10D53-300-CD-SFFPreliminary10530 MHz0.4 dB300 Mhz
CL10D74-300-CD-SFFPreliminary10740 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL10D8-300-CD-SFFPreliminary10800 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL11D3-1G-CD-SSPreliminary11300 MHz0.5 dB1000 MHz
CL12D24-300-CD-SFFPreliminary12240 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL12D52-300-CD-SFFPreliminary12520MHz0.4 dB300 Mhz
CL12D57-300-CD-SFFPreliminary12570 MHz0.4 dB300 Mhz
CL14D25G-5D5G-CD-SSPreliminary14250 MHz1 dB5500 MHz
CL14D47-300-CD-SFFPreliminary14470 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL14D55-300-CD-SFFPreliminary14550 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL14D59-300-CD-SFFPreliminary14590 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL14D75G-6D5G-CD-SSPreliminary14750 MHz1 dB6500 MHz
CL15G-6G-CD-SSPreliminary15000 MHz1 dB6000 MHz
CL16D42-300-CD-SFFPreliminary16420 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL16D54-300-CD-SFFPreliminary16540 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL16D65G-300-CD-SFFPreliminary16550 MHz0.4 dB300 MHz
CL1848-304-CD-NFFActive1848 MHz2 dB304 MHz
CL1G-500-CD-SFFPreliminary1000 MHz1 dB500MHz @ 1dB
CL30G-24G-CD-292FFPreliminary30000 MHz2 dB
CL-3D1G-400-CD-SFFPreliminary3100 MHz0.5 dB max.400 MHz min. (2900 to 3300 MHz)
CL3G-1G-CD-SSPreliminary3000 MHz0.5 dB1000 MHz
CL3G-50-CD-SSPreliminary3000 MHz0.5 dB50 MHz
CL5D5G-600-CD-SFFPreliminary5500 MHz1.0 dB max.600 MHz
CL6000-2500-CD-SSPreliminary6000 MHz1 dB2500 MHz
CL7G-2G-CD-SFFActive7000 MHz
ID11D3-1D5G-CD-SSPreliminary11300 MHz0.8 dB1500 MHz
ID11G-6G-CD-SSPreliminary11000 MHz1 dB6000 MHz
PL-BPF-11G14D5G-45-SFFPreliminary11000 to 14500 MHz1 dB
11CL-5D5G-540-CD-SFFActive5500 MHz ±270 MHz
16CL-5D1G-800-CD-SFFActive5100 MHz ±400 MHz
4CL15G-6G-CD-SFFActive15000 MHz1 dB6000 MHz
5CL1257D5-137-CD-SFFPreliminary1257.5MHz0.5 dB137 MHz
6CL9227D5M-180-CD-SFFActive9227.5 MHz - Measured 9227.8 MHz1.0 dB typ - Measured 1.91 dB180 MHz typ - Measured 182.97 MHz
6CL9D5G-3G-CD-SFFPreliminary9500 MHz0.65 dB3000 MHz
7CL6850-700-CD-SFMPreliminary6850 MHz1 dB700 MHz
7CL8250-500-CD-SSPreliminary8250 MHz0.8 dB500 MHz
7CL9D66G-960-CD-SFFActive9660 MHz5 dB max. - Measured 0.63 dB
8CL1860-40-CD-SFFActive1860 MHz7.0 dB max - Measured 3.76 dB
BPF3D875-2D25-CD-SFFActive3875 MHz2.0 dB max. - Measured 1.6 dB2.25 GHz
CL3G-700-CD-SSPreliminary3000 MHz0.5 dB700 MHz
5CL10D14G-180-CD-SFFActive10140 MHz Nominal - Measured 10143.5 MHz4.0 dB max - Measured 1.28 dB
5CL10D98G-180-CD-SFFActive10980 MHz Nominal - Measured 10991 MHz4.0 dB max - Measured 2.0 dB
5CL11D94G-180-CD-SFFActive11940 MHz Nominal - Measured 11944.2 MHz4.0 dB max - Measured 1.6 dB
5CL12D9G-180-CD-SFFActive12900 MHz Nominal - Measured 12902.8 MHz4.0 dB max - Measured 1.89 dB180 MHz min - Measured 237.7 MHz
7CL10D62G-960-CD-SFFActive10620 MHz5.0 dB max. - Measured 1.31 dB
7CL6D9G-960-CD-SFFActive6900 MHz5.0 dB max. - Measured 0.47 dB
CL22500-9000-CD-SSActive22500 Mhz0.8 dB9000 Mhz
12CL11D8G-1400-CD-SFFActive11800 MHz5 dB max. - Measured 1.46 dB1400 MHz
5CL9D18G-180-CD-SFFActive9180 MHz Nominal - Measured 9185.5 MHz4.0 dB max - Measured 1.8 dB
7CL1340-155-CD-NFFActive1340 MHz0.5 dB max.
7CL8D7G-960-CD-SFFActive8700 MHz5.0 dB max. - Measured 0.64 dB960 Mhz
8CL5D1G-200-CD-SFFPreliminary5100 MHz0.7 dB200 MHz
7CL1500-60-CD-SFFActive1500 MHz7.0 dB max - Measured 2.12 dB
8CL1980-40-CD-SFFActive1980 MHz7.0 dB max - Measured 3.28 dB40 MHz
7CL7D86G-960-CD-SFFActive7860 MHz5 dB960 MHz