Fly Eye Radar - Bundle Binder

Passive Radar for Small UAS

New concept of passive monopulse RF sensor system provide entire sky all-weather momentary awareness and targeting capability.

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Mine Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar on a Tethered Drone

New bi-static ground penetrating radar concept with holographic imaging.

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Passive Small Projectile Tracking Radar

There are lot of ambient RF/microwave sources: different kinds of communication, radar, navigation and datalink transmitters, and same time lot of moving with different size and speed objects are in battlespace.

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RF/Microwave Imaging Radar

This concept of RF/ microwave imaging system will provide all weather high-resolution imaging with  good penetrating of a foliage and even ground capability.

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Sense & Avoid Radar for UAS

Multibeam monopulse radar for Airborne Based Sense and Avoid (ABSAA) system concept.

PMI Solo 3DR Drone with 4  Radar Sense and Avoid Sensor System Installation

Why 3DR Solo?

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High Resolution RF/Microwave Imaging through Highly Scattered  Media

RF/Microwave signals have good penetrating through fog, snow, dust, smoke. Image resolution will be determined by processor and sampling frequency and is not limited by electromagnetic wave diffraction

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Video 1 - No GPS Radar 1

Video 2 - No GPS Radar 2

Video 3 - Drone Front Reaction to Radar

Video 4 - Sense & Avoid Demo at Xponential 2016 - AUVSI

Video 5 - Solo Test Flight

Video 6 - Solo Sense and Avoid

Video 7 - PMI 3DR Solo Radar Sense and Avoid (ON)

Video 8 - PMI 3DR Solo Radar Sense and Avoid (OFF)

Video 9 - PMI Radar Sense and Avoid