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PMI offers various RF and Microwave products that range from 250kHz up to 40.0GHz which are supplied in a ruggedized, 1U to 6U chassis.  Many options are available.  If you do not see exactly what you require on this web site please contact us because we offer amplifiers designed and built to your specifications at catalog prices.

Our ruggedized, military grade chassis products are built to meet your exact application needs. 

A mixed set of functions can be included:

  • Amplification
  • Attenuation (Digital Solid-State)
  • Switching (Ultra High Speed)
  • Power Detection / Fault Detection
  • Phase Shifting / Phase Modulation
  • Pulse Modulation
  • Noise Generation
  • RF Filtering
  • RF Limiting
  • Power Splitting
  • RF Signal Distribution

Let PMI supply a custom tailored solution for you. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs and let us work with you to ensure total success.