6-Channel Switch Filter Bank

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Additional Documents

PMI Model No. 6SFB-1G20G-LP-AMP-SFF is a 6-Channel Switch Filter Bank (SFB) preceded by an amplifier that operates over the 1.0 to 20.0 GHz frequency range and offers fast switching speeds of less than 200 ns, while maintaining a gain of 20 dB and a typical P1dB of 20 dBm.  This SFB provides high harmonic rejection ideal for improved dynamic range in test and measurement applications built to withstand Military environments.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Status: Active
No of Filter Channels: 6
Full Operating Frequency: 1.0 to 20.0 GHz
Insertion Loss: 20 to 25 dB Gain
Switching Speed: 200 ns Typ
(From 50% TTL to 90%/10% RF)
Control Type: TTL Compatible, 3 Bits Decoded
DC Voltage: +15 VDC
-15 VDC
DC Current (mA): 800 mA Max
100 mA Max
Size: 5.50" x 3.00" x 0.75" Max
139.70mm x 76.20mm x 19.05mm Max
VSWR: 2.0:1 Max
Connectors: RF: (J1, J2) SMA (F) Removable IAW MIL-STD-202
Control & Power: (J3) DB9, SUB-D Connector
Finish: Painted Blue, Mounting Surface Free of Paint
Power Supply: +15 VDC @ 800 mA Max
-15 VDC @ 100 mA Max
Gain: 20 dB Min, 25 dB Typ
Output 2nd Harmonic: 45 dBc @ 0 dBm Output Power
(Filter passband must be selected for maximum harmonic attenuation. Thru path 2nd harmonic value 15 dBc Typ)
Power Handling: +15 dBm Max
Output P1dB: +10 dBm Min
Logic Input: TTL Compatible, 3 Bit Decoded
TTL High = 2 V Min
TTL Low = 0.8 V Max
Environmental Ratings:
Operating Temperature: +10 °C to +55 °C
Non-Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +60 °C
Humidity: MIL-STD-202, Method 103B Cond. B
Shock: MIL-STD-202, Method 213B Cond. B
Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 204D Cond. B
Altitude: MIL-STD-202, Method 105C Cond. B
Temperature Cycle: MIL-STD-202, Method 107D Cond. A