PMI offers the highest quality power divider's and power combiner's for commercial and military applications in the frequency range of a few MHz to 40 GHz. If you do not see exactly what you need, please e-mail your requirement to so we can propose an instant solution.


  • Low Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Excellent Amplitude Balance
  • Excellent Phase Balance
  • Small Size


  • Hermetic Sealing
  • Military or Space Screening
  • Custom Packaging

Note: Other PMI Power Dividers can be seen by visiting the links below:

Part NumberStatusTypeFrequency MinFrequency MaxIsolationInsertion Loss
APD-4-18G40G-20W-292FFPreliminary4-Way18.0 GHz40.0 GHz15 dB min., 18 dB typ.2.4 dB max.
APD-4-2G18G-TFPreliminary4-Way2.0 GHz18.0 GHz18 dB2 dB
APD-4-2G18G-TF-2Preliminary4-Way2.0 GHz18.0 GHz18 dB min.1.8 dB max. (Above 6.02 dB Split)
APD-7-328M335R5M-TNC-2Preliminary2 Way0.328 GHz0.3355 GHz20 dB min.1.5 dB max.
APD-7-328M335R5M-TNCPreliminary2 Way0.328 GHz0.3355 GHz20 dB min.1.2 dB max.
APD-2-100M520M-NFFPreliminary2-Way0.1 GHz0.52 GHz23 dB min.0.6 dB max. (Above 3.01 dB Split)
4 dB ± 1.5 dB max.
APD-8-2G18G-SFF-30WPreliminary8-Way2.0 GHz18.0 GHz16 dB min.2.6 dB max. (Above 9.03 dB Split)
APD-8-18G40G-292FF-20WPreliminary8-Way18.0 GHz40.0 GHz18 dB typ., 15 dB min.2.5 dB max.
APD-8-34Preliminary8-Way3.6 GHz4.2 GHz17.0 dB Min0.8 dB Max
APD-4-400M3G-17-SFF-75WActive4-Way0.4 GHz3 GHz17 dB Min1.8 dB Max
APD-32-3R1G3R5G-SMFPreliminary32-Way3.1 GHz3.5 GHz20 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-3-1D7G2D3G-CD-1Preliminary3-Way1.7 GHz2.3 GHz18 dB typ0.9 dB typ
APD-8-800M2D5G-SFF-30W *Active8-Way0.8 GHz2.5 GHz20 dB Min<=1.2 dB
APD-8-6G18G-SFFActive8-Way6 GHz18 GHz18 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-2-100M20G-CD-1Preliminary2-Way0.1 GHz20 GHz6 dB typ.85 dB typ
APD-8-6G18G-SFF-OPT13D85G14D45GActive8-Way13.85 GHz14.45 GHz18 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-2-26G28G-20W-292FFPreliminary2-Way26 GHz28 GHz16 dB Min1.3 dB Max, 0.8 dB typ.
APD-2-3D13D5-40W-SFFPreliminary2-Way3.1 GHz3.5 GHz>= 23 dB<= 0.25 dB
APD-3-218Preliminary3-Way2 GHz18 GHz14.0 dB Min3.0 dB Max
APD-32-2R5G2R9G-SMFPreliminary32-Way2.5 GHz2.9 GHz20 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-16-0D5G18D0G-SFFActive16-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz14 dB Max16.0 dB Max
APD-2-052Preliminary2-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min0.7 dB Max
APD-16-500M18G-SFF-30WPreliminary16-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz12 dB Min12.0 dB Max
APD-8-20M6G-3R5-12V-SFFPreliminary8-Way0.02 GHz6 GHz
APD-2-2G18G-GCPreliminary2-Way2 GHz18 GHz20 dB Min0.5 dB Max
APD-2-100M22G-CD-1Preliminary2-Way0.1 GHz22 GHz6 dB typ1.85 dB typ
APD-8-8G12D4G-SFFPreliminary8-Way8 GHz12.4 GHz17.0dB Max1.3dB Max
RPD-DC6G-SFFPreliminary2-WayDC6 GHz12 dB Min7 dB Max, 6 dB typ.
APD-2-0518-YR1Active2-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz16.5 dB typ1.8 dB typ
APD-16-2D9G3D1G-SFFPreliminary16-Way2.9 GHz3.1 GHz18dB Max1.5dB Max
APD-2-34Preliminary2-Way3.6 GHz4.2 GHz21.0 dB Min0.4 dB Max
APD-16-950M1450M-SFF-30WPreliminary16-Way0.95 GHz1.45 GHz20dB Min<=1.5dB
APD-2-1G18G-NFFPreliminary2-Way1 GHz18 GHz15 dB Min1.5 dB Max
APD-8-100M-28VPreliminary8-Way0.1 GHz0.1 GHz25 dB typ.4 dB ±1.5 dB Max
APD-2-218Preliminary2-Way2 GHz18 GHz20 dB Min0.5 dB Max
APD-4-26D5G40G-20W-292FFActive4-Way26.5 GHz40 GHz>= 18 dB<= 2.4 dB
PD-16-0D5G18D0G-SFFActive16-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz14 dB Max16.0 dB Max
ULPD-8-2D9G3D3G-7D9DB11D0DB-BFF-500WPreliminary8-Way2.9 GHz3.3 GHz18 dB Min
RPD-DC40G-292FFPreliminary2-WayDC40 GHz10 dB Min9 dB Max, 6 dB typ.
APD-6-400M3G-17-SFF-75WPreliminary6-Way0.4 GHz3 GHz17 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-2-2G18G-SFF-1WActive2-Way2 GHz18 GHz15 dB min.1.0 dB max
APD-16-5R5G6R5G-NFFPreliminary16-Way5.5 GHz6.5 GHz20 dB Min<=2.0 dB
APD-4-3D13D5-60W-SFFPreliminary4-Way3.1 GHz3.5 GHz>= 23dB<= 0.45dB
APD-4-5G6G-SFF-20WPreliminary4-Way5 GHz6 GHz17.0dB Min1.0dB Max
APD-8-30M6G-SFFActive8-Way0.03 GHz6 GHz32 dB Min4 dB Min
APD-2-18G40G-20W-292FFActive2-Way18 GHz40 GHz18 dB Min1.5 dB Max
APD-2-1018Preliminary2-Way10 GHz18 GHz12 dB Min1.2 dB Max
APD-2-DC10G-SFFPreliminary2-WayDC10 GHz10 dB Typ3.3 dB Typical, 4.0 dB
APD-4-3D5G4D5G-SFF-20WPreliminary4-Way3.5 GHz4.5 GHz17.0dB Min1.0dB Max
APD-2-0518Preliminary2-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz17 dB Min0.8 dB Max
APD-4-2G26G-292FF-1WPreliminary4-Way2 GHz26 GHz15 dB min.2.25 dB max.
APD-4-500M18G-SFF-30WPreliminary4-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz12 dB Min5.5 dB Max
APD-8-500M18G-SFF-30WPreliminary8-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz12 dB Min8.0 dB Max
APD-3-800M2D5G-NFF-50W *Active3-Way0.8 GHz2.5 GHz20 dB Min<=0.6 dB
APD-2-100M18G-CD-1Active2-Way0.1 GHz18 GHz6 dB typ1.85 dB typ
RPD-DC26R5G-292FFPreliminary2-WayDC26.5 GHz12 dB Min7 dB Max, 6 dB typ.
APD-2-12Active2-Way1 GHz2 GHz22 dB Min0.75 dB Max
APD-4-500M2G-SFF-30W *Active4-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min<=1.0 dB
APD-6-2G18G-SFF-1WPreliminary6-Way2 GHz18 GHz15 dB min.1.75 dB max.
APD-2-500M2G-SFFPreliminary2-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min0.5 dB Max
APD-4-26D5G40G-20W-292FF-OPT37G39GActive4-Way37 GHz39 GHz20 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-8-2G26G-292FF-1WPreliminary8-Way2 GHz26 GHz15 dB min.3.5 dB max.
APD-2-500M2G-23-SFF-30WPreliminary2-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz23 dB Min0.5 dB Max
APD-2-218-M-BBActive2-Way2 GHz18 GHz16 dB Min2.2 dB Max
APD-3-052Preliminary3-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz16.0 dB Min0.75 dB Max
RFOC-811-QRC-2-PDActive2-Way6 GHz13 GHz18 dB Min0.6 dB Max
APD-8-2D8G4D3G-10W-SFFPreliminary8-Way2.8 GHz4.3 GHz22 dB Min1.0 dB typ., 1.5 dB Max
APD-2-218-M-BB-OPT1018Preliminary2-Way10 GHz18 GHz16 dB Min2.2 dB Max
APD-4-800M2D5G-SFF-30WActive4-Way0.8 GHz2.5 GHz20 dB Min<=0.7 dB
APD-32-540M-SMFPreliminary32-Way0.54 GHz0.54 GHz20 dB Min2.0 dB Max
RPD-DC18G-SFFPreliminary2-WayDC18 GHz12 dB Min7 dB Max, 6 dB typ.
APD-4-052Preliminary4-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz18 dB Min1.5 dB Max
APD-32-950M1450M-SFF-30WPreliminary32-Way0.95 GHz1.45 GHz20dB Min<=2.6dB
APD-2-5D4G5D9G-50W-SFFPreliminary2-Way5.4 GHz5.9 GHz20 dB Min0.4 dB Max
APD-2-50M500M-SFFPreliminary2-Way0.05 GHz0.5 GHz0.25 dB Typ
APD-4-218Active4-Way2 GHz18 GHz18.0 dB Min1.5 dB Max
APD-2-2G18G-SFF-30WPreliminary2-Way2 GHz18 GHz20 dB Min1.0 dB Max
APD-2-800M2D5G-NFF-50W *Active2-Way0.8 GHz2.5 GHz22 dB Min<=0.4 dB
APD-2-0418-YR1Active2-Way0.4 GHz16 GHz16 dB Min1.8 dB Max
APD-2-500M18G-SFF-30WPreliminary2-Way0.5 GHz18 GHz14 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-8-1G18G-SFF-30WPreliminary8-Way1 GHz18 GHz16 dB Min4.5 dB Max
APD-4-5M1G-SFFPreliminary4-Way0.005 GHz1 GHz20 dB Min2.4 dB Max
ULPD-2-2D9G3D3G-0D9DB7D4DB-SFF-650WPreliminary2-Way2.9 GHz3.3 GHz18 dB Min
APD-8-052Preliminary8-Way0.5 GHz1.5 GHz15.0 dB Min1.6 dB Max
ULPD-8-2D9G3D3G-5D6DB13D5DB-BFF-500WPreliminary8-Way2.9 GHz3.3 GHz18 dB Min
APD-8-20M6G-28VPreliminary8-Way0.02 GHz6 GHz
APD-2-1112Preliminary2-Way11 GHz12.4 GHz19.0 dB Min0.6 dB Max
APD-8-1112Preliminary8-Way11 GHz12.4 GHz15.0 dB Min2.0 dB Max
APD-4-3D13D5-40W-SFFActive4-Way3.1 GHz3.5 GHz>= 23dB<= 0.45dB
APD-4-5M1G-BNCPreliminary4-Way0.005 GHz1.0 GHz20 dB min.2.5 dB max.
APD-4-4D1G6D1G-30W-SFFActive4-Way4.1 GHz6.1 GHz20 dB Min0.8 dB Max
APD-4-20M6G-28VActive4-Way0.02 GHz6 GHz
APD-8-500M2G-SFF-30W *Active8-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min<=1.5 dB
APD-2-26D5G40G-20W-292FFActive2-Way26.5 GHz40 GHz16 dB Min1.3 dB Max 0.8 dB Typ
APD-2-500M2G-SFF-30WActive2-Way0.5 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min<=0.5 dB
APD-4-218-LCActive4-Way2 GHz18 GHz17 dB Min1.8 dB Max