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Part NumberStatusFrequency RangeFrequency MinFrequency MaxFrequency Step Size, Nominal (LSB)Power Output Level
PFS-618-CD-1Active6.0 to 18.0GHz6 GHz18 GHz100 kHz+10 dBm Min. - Measured 12.91 ± 1.41 dBm
PFS-618-CD-2Active6.0 to 18.0 GHz6 GHz18 GHz100 kHz+10dBm Min
PFS-618-CD-3Active6.0 to 18.0GHz6 GHz18 GHz100 kHz+10dBm Min
PFS-618-CD-8BPreliminary6.0 to 18.0GHz6 GHz18 GHz51.2 MHz+10dBm Min
PFS-618-XREF-CD-1Preliminary6.0 to 18.0GHz6 GHz18 GHz100 kHz+10dBm Min
PFS-6G9G-CD-NMActive6.0 to 9.0 GHz6 GHz9 GHz100 kHz+10 dBm Min