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Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxGainGain FlatnessNoise Figure
PE2-30-2E22R3-2R0-10-15-SFFActive2.2 GHz2.3 GHz30 dB min.±0.5 dB max.1.0 dB goal, 2.0 dB max.
PE2-25-11D98G-12D08G-2R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary11.98 GHz12.08 GHz25 dB min.±1.0 dB max.2.0 dB typ., 3.0 dB max.
LNA-12-0R5G2G-6-7-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz2.0 GHz12 ± 3 dB
6 dB max.
LNA-26-2G3D5G-3R0-25Preliminary2.0 GHz3.5 GHz26±0.5 dB @ 25 °C, ±2.0 dB Over Temperature
3.0 dB Max. @ 25 °C, 5.0 dB Over Temperature
PEC-28-9G10G-3R0-29-SFFPreliminary9.0 GHz10.0 GHz22 dB Min. @ 25 °C Base Plate Temperature±0.35 dB Typ., ±0.5 dB Max.7.0 dB Max.
PE2-24-8D5G9D5G-4R8-18-SFFPreliminary8.5 GHz9.5 GHz20 dB typ., 16 dB min.±0.75 dB max.4.2 dB typ., 4.8 dB max.
AMP-28G30G-27-10-15-SFFPreliminary28 GHz30 GHz27 dB min.±1.5 dB max2.5 dB max
GMPA-1001Active0.4 GHz0.5 GHz40 dB Min
8.0 dB Max
LNA-10R7G12R75G-12-1R0-5-15-292FFPreliminary10.7 GHz12.75 GHz12 dB Typ0.5 dB PK-PK Typ, 1.5 dB Max55 °K (0.75 dB) Goal, 70 °K (0.94 dB) Max
LNA-14D7G15D3G-25-1D5-10-15-SFFPreliminary14.75 GHz15.25 GHz23 dB min., 27 dB max.±0.75dB max.1.5 dB typ. 2.0 dB max.
LNA-14D7G15D3G-25-1D5-10-15-SFF-SPreliminary14.75 GHz15.25 GHz23 dB min., 27 dB max.±0.75 dB max.1.5 dB typ. 2.0 dB max.
LNA-19-560M640M-2D0-0-12-SFFActive0.56 GHz0.64 GHz19 dB Min
2.0 dB Maximum - Measured 1.28 dB
LNA-1D2G1D6G-14-10-12-SFFPreliminary1.2 GHz1.6 GHz14 dB Min±1.5 dB Max0.7 dB Max
LNA-20-0R4G0R5G-0R6-18-5-SFFPreliminary0.4 GHz0.5 GHz20 dB min.
0.6 dB max.
LNA-25-8R95G9R55G-6R0-33-12-SFFPreliminary8.95 GHz9.55 GHz25 dB Min± 1.5 dB Max4 dB Goal, 6 dB Max
LNA-28-8R95G9R55G-6R0-36-12-SFFPreliminary8.95 GHz9.55 GHz28 dB Min± 1.5 dB Max4 dB Goal, 6 dB Max
LNA-2D7G3D1G-29-0D6-16D5-15-SFMPreliminary2.7 GHz3.1 GHz28 to 30 dB±1.0 dB max.0.6 dB max. 0.53 dB typ. (0.005 dB/°C)
LNA-2D7G3D1G-29-0D7-16D5-15-SFMPreliminary2.7 GHz3.1 GHz28 to 30 dB±1.0 dB max0.65 dB max
LNA-30-2D7G3G-6R0-44-12-SFFPreliminary2.7 GHz3 GHz30 dB Min1.0 dB PK-PK Max4 dB Goal, 6 dB Typ
LNA-31-8R95G9R55G-6R0-39-12-SFFPreliminary8.95 GHz9.55 GHz31 dB Min± 1.5 dB Max4 dB Goal, 6 dB Max
LNA-38-4M96M-4D3-25-15-SFFActive0.004 GHz0.096 GHz38 dB max., 40 dB typ.
4.3 dB Max. - Measred 3.77 dB
LNA-3D6G4D2G-50D0-0D56-15-SFFPreliminary3.6 GHz4.2 GHz50 dB Min.±0.5 dB max.0.56 dB max.
LNA-40-10M300M-1D0-17-5-SFFPreliminary0.01 GHz0.3 GHz40 dB
1 to 2.0 dB max. @ 10 MHz to 300 MHz
PE13-18-30G40G-4R0-8-12-292FFPreliminary30 GHz40 GHz18dB nominal±3.0dB max4.0dB typ (See Note 1)
PE2-10-10G11G-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-10-11G12G-4R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.5dB typ.
PE2-10-12G13G-4R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.5dB typ.
PE2-10-13G14G-4R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.5dB typ.
PE2-10-14G15G-5R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-10-15G16G-5R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-10-16G17G-5R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-10-17G18G-5R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-10-2R03R0-4R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ
PE2-10-3R04R0-4R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-10-4R05R0-3R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-10-5R06R0-3R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-10-7R08R0-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-10-8R09R0-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-10-9R010R0-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz10dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-13-17G24G-5R0-18-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz24 GHz15dB typ±1.5dB max5.0dB max.
PE2-15-0R50R8-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.25 dB Typ
PE2-15-0R50R8-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-15-0R81R0-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-15-10G11G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-11G12G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-15-11G12G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-12G13G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-15-12G13G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-13G14G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-14G15G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-14G15G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-15G16G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-15G16G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-16G17G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-16G17G-3R75-20-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.75 dB typ.
PE2-15-17G18G-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-15-17G18G-4R0-20-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-15-18G19G-3R0-10-12-SFFPreliminary18 GHz19 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-15-19G20G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary19 GHz20 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-1R01R5-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.25 dB Typ
PE2-15-1R01R5-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-15-1R52R0-4R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
1.5 GHz2 GHz15 dB±0.5 dB max.5.0 dB typ.
PE2-15-20G21G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary20 GHz21 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-21G22G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary21 GHz22 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-22G23G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary22 GHz23 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-23G24G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary23 GHz24 GHz15 dB Typ.±0.5 dB Max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-24G25G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary24 GHz25 GHz15 dB typ.±0.5dB max2.5 dB typ.
PE2-15-25G26G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary25 GHz26 GHz15dB typ.±0.5 dB Max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-15-2R03R0-4R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ
PE2-15-3R04R0-4R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-15-4R05R0-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz15dB typ±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-5R06R0-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-6R07R0-3R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-15-7R08R0-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-8R09R0-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-15-9R010R0-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz15dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-16-10G11G-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz16dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-16-6R07R0-2R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz16dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-16-7R08R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz16dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-16-8R09R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz16dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-16-9R010R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz16dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-17-2R03R0-1R8-15-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz17dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.8dB typ.
PE2-17-3R04R0-1R8-15-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz17dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.8dB typ.
PE2-17-4R05R0-1R8-15-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz17dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.8dB typ.
PE2-17-5R06R0-1R8-15-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz17dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.8dB typ.
PE2-22-0R50R8-1R2-18-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz22 dB Typ±0.25 dB Max1.2 dB Typ
PE2-22-0R81R0-1R2-18-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz22 dB Typ±0.25 dB Max1.2 dB Typ
PE2-22-18G19G-4R0-10-12-SFFPreliminary18 GHz19 GHz22dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-22-19G20G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary19 GHz20 GHz22dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-22-1R01R5-1R5-18-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz22 dB Typ±0.25 dB Max1.5 dB Typ
PE2-22-1R52R0-1R5-18-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz22dB typ.±0.25dB max.1.5dB typ.
PE2-22-20G21G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary20 GHz21 GHz22dB typ±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-22-21G22G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary21 GHz22 GHz22dB typ±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-22-22G23G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary22 GHz23 GHz22dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-22-23G24G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary23 GHz24 GHz22dB typ.±0.5 dB Max.2.5dB typ., 3dB max.
PE2-22-24G25G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary24 GHz25 GHz22dB typ.±0.5dB max2.5 dB typ.
PE2-22-25G26G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary25 GHz26 GHz22dB typ.±0.5 dB Max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-23-1G2G-5R0-25-15-SFFPreliminary1 GHz2 GHz20 dB Min, 24 dB Max±0.75 dB Typ5.0 dB Typ, 5.25 dB Max
PE2-24-12D5G14D5G-4R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary12.5 GHz14.5 GHz22 dB Min. / 26 dB Max.+/- 1.0dB Max.3.5 dB Max. (0 to +50 Degrees C)
PE2-24-15D5G17D5G-4R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary15.5 GHz17.5 GHz22 dB Min. / 26 dB Max.+/- 1.0dB Max.4.0 dB Max. (0 to +50 Degrees C)
PE2-24-5G8G-1R2-5-28-SFFPreliminary5 GHz8 GHz24 dB nom., 21 dB min±1.0dB Max1.2 dB Typical, 1.4 dB Max
PE2-25-9G10G-20-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz25 dB min±0.5dB max.3.0 dB max.
PE2-26-9G10G-3R5-23-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz26 dB typ.±1.0 dB max.3.0 dB max.
PE2-28-15G18G-4R0-13-12-SFMPreliminary15 GHz18 GHz26dB typ @ 10.0 to 18.0GHz±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ
PE2-28-15G18G-4R0-13-12-SMMPreliminary15 GHz18 GHz26dB typ @ 10.0 to 18.0GHz±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ
PE2-30-0R50R8-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-30-0R50R8-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-30-0R81R0-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-30-10G11G-1R0-2-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.0dB typ.
PE2-30-10G11G-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-30-10G11G-2R75-21-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.75dB typ.
PE2-30-11G12G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-30-11G12G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-12-1R35-10-12-SFF-BTActive1 GHz2 GHz31dB typ±1.5dB max.1.35dB max
PE2-30-12G13G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-30-12G13G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-13G14G-3R25-14-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.25dB typ.
PE2-30-13G14G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-14G15G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-14G15G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-15G16G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz30dB typ.±0.75 dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-15G16G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-16G17G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-16G17G-3R75-20-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.75 dB typ.
PE2-30-17G18G-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-30-17G18G-4R0-20-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-30-18G19G-3R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary18 GHz19 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-19G20G-2R5-10-12-SFFActive19 GHz20 GHz30 dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.5 dB typ. - measured 4.9 dB
PE2-30-1R01R5-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-30-1R01R5-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-30-1R52R0-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.25dB typ.
PE2-30-1R52R0-5R0-22-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-30-20G21G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary20 GHz21 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-21G22G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary21 GHz22 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-22G23G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary22 GHz23 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-23G24G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary23 GHz24 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-24G25G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary24 GHz25 GHz30dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-30-25G26G-2R5-10-12-SFFPreliminary25 GHz26 GHz30dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-2R03R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-2R03R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-3R04R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-3R04R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-4R05R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-4R05R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-5R06R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-5R06R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-6R07R0-2R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-6R07R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-30-7R08R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz30 dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-7R08R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz30 dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-8R09R0-1R0-2-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.0dB typ.
PE2-30-8R09R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-8R09R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-30-9R010R0-1R0-2-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.0dB typ.
PE2-30-9R010R0-2R5-12-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-40-10G11G-1R25-12-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.25dB typ.
PE2-40-10G11G-2R75-14-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.75dB typ.
PE2-40-11G12G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-40-12G13G-3R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.0dB typ.
PE2-40-13G14G-3R25-14-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.25dB typ.
PE2-40-14G15G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-40-15G16G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz40dB typ.±0.75 dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-40-16G17G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-40-17G18G-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-40-2R03R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-40-3R04R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-40-4R05R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-40-5R06R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-40-6R07R0-2R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz40dB typ±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-40-7R08R0-1R2-12-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.2dB typ
PE2-40-7R08R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-40-8R09R0-1R2-12-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz40dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.2dB typ.
PE2-40-8R09R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz40dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-40-9R010R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz40dB typ±0.5dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-42-2G-2R0-15-SFFActive1.4 GHz2.4 GHz42dB min.±1.0dB max.1.8dB typical, 3.0dB max.
PE2-45-0R50R08-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-0R50R8-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-0R81R0-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-0R81R0-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-11G12G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-45-12G13G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-45-13G14G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz45dB typ±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-45-14G15G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz45dB typ±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-45-15G16G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz45dB typ±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-45-16G17G-3R75-20-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.3.75 dB typ.
PE2-45-17G18G-4R0-20-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-45-1R01R5-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-1R01R5-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz45 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-45-1R52R0-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.4.25dB typ.
PE2-45-1R52R0-5R0-22-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-45-2R03R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-45-3R04R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-45-4R05R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-45-5R06R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-45-6R07R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-45-7R08R0-1R5-17-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.5dB typ.
PE2-45-7R08R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-45-8R09R0-1R5-17-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.5dB typ.
PE2-45-8R09R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-45-9R010R0-1R5-17-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.5dB typ.
PE2-60-0R50R8-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-0R50R8-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-0R81R0-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-0R81R0-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary0.5 GHz0.8 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-10G11G-2R75-14-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.75dB typ.
PE2-60-10G11G-2R75-21-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.75dB typ.
PE2-60-11G12G-3R25-14-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.25dB typ.
PE2-60-11G12G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary11 GHz12 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-12G13G-3R25-14-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.25dB typ.
PE2-60-12G13G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary12 GHz13 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-13G14G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-13G14G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary13 GHz14 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-14G15G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-14G15G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary14 GHz15 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-15G16G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-15G16G-3R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary15 GHz16 GHz60dB typ.±0.75 dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-16G17G-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-60-16G17G-3R75-20-12-SFFPreliminary16 GHz17 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.3.75 dB typ.
PE2-60-17G18G-4R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz60dB typ.±1.0dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-60-17G18G-4R0-20-12-SFFPreliminary17 GHz18 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.4.0dB typ.
PE2-60-1R01R5-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max4.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-1R01R5-5R5-22-12-SFFPreliminary1 GHz1.5 GHz60 dB Typ±0.75 dB Max5.5 dB Typ
PE2-60-1R52R0-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.4.25dB typ.
PE2-60-1R52R0-5R0-22-12-SFFPreliminary1.5 GHz2 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.5.0dB typ.
PE2-60-2R03R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-2R03R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-3R04R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-3R04R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary3 GHz4 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-4R05R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-4R05R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary4 GHz5 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-5R06R0-2R0-15-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-5R06R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary5 GHz6 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-6R07R0-2R0-14-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz60 dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-6R07R0-2R0-21-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz60 dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.0dB typ.
PE2-60-8R09R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-60-8R09R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary8 GHz9 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5dB typ.
PE2-60-9R010R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-60-9R010R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz60dB typ.±0.75dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PEC-10M1D5G-30-10-13-SFFPreliminary0.01 GHz1.5 GHz40 dB typ., 36 dB min
PEC1-17-1575D42-1-15-SFFPreliminary1.575 GHz1.575 GHz17 dB min.±1.0 dB max.0.8 dB goal, 1 dB max.
PEC-15-400M470M-37-12V-SFFActive0.4 GHz0.47 GHz10 dB Min, 15 dB Typ±0.75 dB Typ, ±1.0 dB Max
PEC-22-41G43G-6R0-24-292FFPreliminary41 GHz43 GHz22dB min.±1.5dB typ.6.0dB max.
PEC-25-0R8G2D5G-2R5-20-SFF-LPNPreliminary0.8 GHz2.5 GHz25 dB Nom±1.5 dB Max2.5 dB Typ
PEC-25-135M165M-1R0-18-12-SFFPreliminary0.135 GHz0.165 GHz25 dB Nom, 22 dB Min±0.5 dB Max1.0 dB Max
PEC-25-5D245D76-1R1-13-SFFPreliminary5.24 GHz5.76 GHz24dB min, 28dB max.±1.0dB max.1.1dB max, 1.0dB typ
PEC-25-70M330M-2-20-5-SFFPreliminary0.07 GHz0.33 GHz20 dB min., 25 dB typ.
2.0 dB typ.
PEC-28-10M3G-1R9-13-12-SFFPreliminary0.01 GHz3 GHz30 dB typ.±0.75 dB typ, ±1.0 dB max.1.6 dB typ., 1.9 dB max.
PEC-30-100M500M-2R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.1 GHz0.5 GHz25 dB Min±3.0 dB Max2.0 dB Typ, 2.5 dB Max
PEC-30-800M3G-2R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz3.0 GHz25 dB Min±3.0 dB Max2.25 dB Typ, 2.5 dB Max
PEC-37-9G10G-3R0-27-SFFActive9 GHz10 GHz34dB min., 40dB max.±0.35dB typ., ±0.5dB max2.5dB typ., 3.0dB max
PEC4-18G22G-1R7-8-23-SFFPreliminary18 GHz22 GHz+23 dB min.±1.5 dB max.1.7 dB max.
PEC-53-12-10-15-SFF (Rev B)Active1 GHz2 GHz53 dB min±0.75 dB max - measured ±0.69 dB0.7 dB typical - measured 0.80 dB
PEC-9770M10270M-12-17R5-15-SFFPreliminary9.77 GHz10.27 GHz
12 dB max.
LNA-11-520M580M-3D0-30-12-SFFActive0.520 GHz0.580 GHz11 dB min. 12 dB typ.
4.0 dB max. - Measured 3.46 dB
LNA-19-8M12M-3D0-20-12-SFFActive0.008 GHz0.012 GHz19 dB Min. 20 dB Typ.
4.5 dB Max. - Measured 2.77 dB
LNA-25-2D7G3D3G-1D5-10-12-SFFActive2.7 GHz3.3 GHz25 dB Min. 26 dB Typ.
1.5 dB Max. - Measured 1.4 dB
PE2-15-0R81R0-4R25-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz15 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.25 dB Typ
PE2-30-9R010R0-2R5-21-12-SFFActive9 GHz10 GHz30dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5 dB typ. - Measured 3.07 dB
PE2-34-1R251R75-12-SFF-1Active1.25 GHz1.75 GHz34dB min±0.25dB Typical, ±1.5dB max.4.98dB Typical, 8.0dB max
PE2-45-10G11G-1R5-17-12-SFFPreliminary10 GHz11 GHz45dB typ.±0.75dB max.1.5dB typ
PE2-45-9R010R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary9 GHz10 GHz45dB typ.±0.5dB max.2.5 dB typ. @ +25°C
PE2-60-7R08R0-2R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz60 dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PE2-60-7R08R0-2R5-21-12-SFFPreliminary7 GHz8 GHz60 dB typ.±0.75 dB max.2.5 dB typ.
PPA-13D75G14D5G-45-37-7-SFFActive13.75 GHz14.5 GHz45 dB Min±1.0 dB Typ7.0 dB Max. - Measured 6.18 dB
PA-25002700-35-CD-SFFActive2.500 GHz2.700 GHz31.5 dB min., 34.5 dB max.±0.5 dB typ., ±0.75 dB max5.0 dB typ., 8.0 dB max.
PA-40-17D521D5-5R0-36-12-292FFActive17.5 GHz21.5 GHz37dB min, 40dB typ±1.5dB typ, ±1.75dB typ5.0dB typ, 8.0dB max
PE2-28-15G18G-4R0-13-12-SFFActive15 GHz18 GHz26dB typ @ 10.0 to 18.0GHz±0.5dB max.4.0 dB typ. - Measured 3.21 dB
PE2-30-7R08R0-1R0-2-12-SFFActive7 GHz8 GHz30 dB typ.±0.5dB max.1.0 dB typ.
PE2-40-9R010R0-1R2-12-12-SFFActive9 GHz10 GHz40dB typ±0.75dB max.1.2dB typ.
PEC-53-12-10-15-SFFActive1 GHz2 GHz53 dB min±0.75 dB max - measured ±0.69 dB3.5 dB max - measured 0.8 dB
GMPA-1002Active1 GHz1.5 GHz45 dB min.
12.0 dB max.
PE2-10-6R07R0-3R5-14-12-SFFPreliminary6 GHz7 GHz10dB min.±0.5dB max.3.5dB typ.
PE2-30-0R81R0-4R5-15-12-SFFPreliminary0.8 GHz1 GHz30 dB Typ±0.5 dB Max4.5 dB Typ