Raymond Sicotte, Chairman and CEO of American Microwave Corporation (AMC),

and Ashok (Ash) Gorwara, Chairman and President & CEO of Planar Monolithics Industries,

Incorporated (PMI), wish to announce that they have completed realignment and separation

of AMC and PMI.

Mr. Sicotte and Mr. Gorwara were formally colleagues at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the late

1960's. Each is very well recognized for his extensive expertise in the microwave electronics

field and industry.

Each Company has developed its own complete manufacturing, engineering, research &

development capabilities and facilities as the individual companies have grown and prospered.

This realignment allows each company to operate independently, further expand their product

lines and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Please visit www.pmi-rf.com for additional information on PMI and its products. We look forward to

serving you in the near future.