PMI Model LVA-60M-70-25MV-SFF is a LF Log Video Amplifier that operates at 60 MHz +/- 10 MHz. It has a TSS of -50dBm and a dynamic range of 70dB. 

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Status: Prelimiary
Frequency Min: 0.05 GHz
Frequency Max: 0.07 GHz
TSS: -80 dBm
Size: (L) 2.500" X (W) 1.000" X (H) 0.260"
Log Slope: 25mV/dB +/- 5% Over Temp
Log Range: -70 to 0 dBm
Log Linearity: +/- 0.75dB @25C, +/-1.0dB Over Temp
Rise Time: 60 ns Max (10%-90%)
Fall Time: 150 ns Max (90%-10%)
Finish: Nickel Plated
VSWR: 1.5:1 Input
Video Load Impedance: 93 OHMS
Dynamic Range: -70 to 0dBm
Environmental Ratings:
Operating Temperature: -54°C to +85° C
Vibration: MIL-STD-810C, Method 514.2 Procedure V AE Curve, 5.4g / axis
(X Y Z) (30 Min)
:3G (20Hz ->2000Hz/Random Vibration (30 Min)